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From: Ruben Cordova
Subject: Healing Old Wounds - Chapter 01 Disclaimer: This story and all characters are the property of the
author, any similarities to actual people is completely coincidental. This
story contains sexual acts between consenting males, all sexual acts
include the use of condoms unless otherwise stated. If it is illegal for
you to access this material, please leave the site. All questions, comments
and criticism can be sent to me via three options:1)
I had just arrived at college and was overwhelmed at how large the
campus is, I made my way over to the table marked room assignments and
stood in line. When I reached the front I showed them my conformation sheet
and they handed me a sheet of paper with my room assignment on it. Next I
went through the mind numbing blur of getting my classes, buying my books,
and avoiding signing up for any social groups. At least for right now, I
grabbed my bags and headed for my dorm building. When I got there I stepped
into the elevator, headed up to the third floor and to room 311, then
knocked. Before I continue let me give you an idea of what I look like. I
just turned 18, I'm 5'11" and 175lbs of toned muscle. Preteen Fuck Not a beefcake but
more along the lines of one of those lightweight UFC guys. Actually I've
been taking martial arts classes for the last three years, I'll tell you
why later. By the way my name is Kristian Castillo, but my friends just
call me KC. I have jet black hair and hazel eyes, which I'm told change
color depending on my mood. They become green when I'm happy and more brown
when I'm mad. Back to my story. A few seconds later the door opened and what stood before me was
what I could only describe as being a 'God'. He looked to be about 6'4" and
maybe 220lbs of pure, ripped muscle. He was standing there in just a pair
of shorts so I was in heaven looking at him. He had light brown hair and
eyes so icy blue they looked almost white. He stood in the doorway staring
at me, while my mind was off in some fantasy I had conjured up the moment I
saw him. I almost didn't hear him speak when I finally landed back on
planet earth.Guy: "I said Hi. My name's Reese, Reese Williams. You must be my room mate,
come on in."KC: "Yeah I'm Kristian Castillo, but you can just call me KC. Looks like I
got the right side of the room."Reese: "Sorry I got here last week and claimed Preteen Fuck my side first."KC: "It's ok, actually I'm kinda OCD so it would have driven me crazy being
on that side of the room. Wait... you got here last week?"Reese: "Well I play baseball, so all the people on an athletic team had to
get here a week early. You look pretty fit, you play a sport?"KC: "Not for the school, otherwise I probably would have got here the same
time as you. I've been taking martial arts classes since I was 15."Reese: "Mind if I ask why you chose to take it up?"Not really wanting to answer his question I quickly changed the subject.KC: "So, you're a freshman too right?"Reese: "Yeah, this is the freshman dorm but..."KC: "I'm gonna unpack my things, afterwards maybe you can come with me to
get a bite to eat and show me around a bit."Reese: "Sure, you need any help?"KC: "No, I'm good but thanks." I moved my bags on to my bed and started unpacking them, I found
the closet was half full with what was obviously Reese's clothes. I got out
the clothes I was going to hang up and sorted them into piles: dress
shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, jeans and dress pants. Then I sorted
each of those until the piles were separated by color, then I hung them up
in the same order I first sorted them into. Reese looked up from whatever
book he was reading on his bed and saw my side of the closet.Reese: "Wow you weren't kidding when you said you were OCD! I thought you
were just fucking around with me."KC: "I wish I was only playing, I've been like this since before I can
remember."Reese: "Don't they have treatment for it or something like that?"KC: "Yeah, but the prices are a little bit out of my league. I don't have
much money and the treatment costs a lot."Reese: "If you don't mind me asking, how are you able to afford school?"KC: "I got a full academic scholarship, I worked my ass off in High
School. I knew it would be the only way I could afford to pay for
college. What about you?"Reese: "They wanted to offer me a full athletic scholarship but I told them
my parents could more than handle paying for my schooling. I told them to
give it to someone who needed it."KC: "That was nice of you, do you know if that's what they did?"Reese: "Yeah, this guy on the team was talking about how he almost didn't
come here but at the last minute they gave him a scholarship. I didn't say
anything but I knew it was the one I gave up. I may have been born into a
well off family but I Preteen Fuck sure as hell am not stuck up about it." Reese was definitely turning out way different than I thought a
typical jock would be, maybe he and I would get along better than I
thought. I still had to tell him I'm gay though, we'll see how friendly he
is after that. I took the rest of my clothes over to the dresser and put
them away in my OCD manner. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Reese
watching me and when he saw that each drawer had its own type of clothing
he just smiled and went back to reading. After I finished with my clothes Preteen Fuck I
went and set up my computer on the empty desk next to Reese's desk, I
noticed he had a brand new laptop which made me feel like my desktop was
from the stone age. You see it's always been just me and my mom, my dad left my mom
before he even knew she was pregnant. My mom's always been a hard worker
and knew that when I got to High School that I was gonna need a computer,
so she saved what she could and when I got home from my first day of High
School she surprised me with a computer. That was a few years ago and with
all the newer computers running with Vista and XP I was a little
embarrassed with my 98SE desktop. Hey when I said my mom got me a computer
I never said it was a new computer, she got it from a discount store for
$300 bucks. Anyways needless to say I was hesitant to place such an ancient
thing next to something so new, it didn't help when Reese saw my computer.Reese: "Dude, does that thing still run? It looks like you've had it since
the first computer was made!"KC: "Yeah well, like I said I don't have much money and at the time this is
what my mom could afford to buy me. It works great for what I need it for,
I don't really need it for anything else except school."Reese: "What about email and stuff on the Internet?"KC: "Well I do have an email account but I don't know much about the
Internet except for checking my email, I only had dial-up at home so I
never really bothered to explore."Reese: "Well the school provides Broadband to all the dorms and I guess
later I could show you what you've been missing, lets go get a quick bite
to eat I'm starving!" Reese got up from his bed threw on a tank-top and a pair of sandals
and we headed to the dining hall. When we got there I picked up whatever I
thought might taste good and waited for Reese to choose, we walked over to
pay and I slid my student ID card through the machine and waited for
Reese. We found a table and sat down to eat, while we ate Reese asked me
about myself and I did my best to stay away from the 'gay' topic. Realizing
I knew nothing about him I started my own line of questions.KC: "So, where are you from?"Reese: "Here in New Mexico, my parents own a production company and with
all these new movies being filmed in New Mexico business is booming."KC: "What exactly does the company do?"Reese: "They help up and coming directors with independent films and they
own quite a bit of empty land around Albuquerque and Santa Fe. So my dad
leases out the land to major studios when they need to film, matter of fact
some new horror movie is being filmed as we speak. I think it's called
'Legion'."KC: "That's pretty cool, so what position do you play in baseball?"Reese: "Pitcher." I damn near choked on my food when he said that, I started coughing
and he patted my back.Reese: "You ok?"KC: "Yeah, I swallowed wrong. Food went Preteen Fuck down the wrong tube." In my mind I was thinking that I'd play catcher to his pitcher any
time he wanted. I cleared my mind of those naughty thoughts and we finished
eating. We headed back up to the room and he took a look at my computer, he
hooked up my computer to the router he had and boom! I finally had a fast
connection. He showed me around some different sights and some places where
I could get music from, legally but it was still free. He closed the
browser and said he was Preteen Fuck
gonna take a look at some settings to make my
desktop run a little faster. I walked to my bed and laid back, I was pretty
tired and forgot that there were things on my computer that I really didn't
want him to see.Reese: "What's Preteen Fuck in your folder named 'Misc'?"KC: "Huh?" When I realized exactly what folder he was in I sat up and looked
at the screen. He had opened some pictures I had and was going through
them. Picture after picture of guys fucking, sucking and cumming on each
other. He turned to look at me and saw that I was embarrassed.Reese: "Sorry, I didn't realize that was your porn folder." He closed the window and walked over to his bed. I was stumped, I
had expected more of a reaction from him. I looked over to him and he was
just sitting there, but I could tell he knew I was looking at him. All of a
sudden he got up, turned out the light and went to bed. Leaving me sitting
in the dark wondering if this friendship that had started was now lost. I
took off my clothes and climbed into bed, but I couldn't sleep. I laid
there staring at the ceiling, my mind racing at a million miles an
hour. Preteen Fuck After about an hour I heard Reese speak.Reese: "You a sleep?"KC: "I guess you couldn't sleep either."Reese: "Nope. Can I ask you something?"KC: "You just did."Reese: "You know what I mean smart ass!"KC: "Sure."Reese: "Why didn't you tell me you were gay?"KC: "The thought crossed my mind to tell you but... I guess I was scared."Reese: "Why?"KC: "Can we not talk about this right now?"Reese: "OK, but just so you know. It doesn't matter to me, I still like
you."KC: "Then why did you go to bed so quickly?"Reese: "Cause I thought that you might be mad at me for going through your
files, and because I found out you were gay when you didn't want me to
know."KC: "It's not that I didn't want you to know, its just... I can't do this
right now!" I got up and slipped on my briefs, shorts, flip-flops and a shirt
and walked out of the room. As I stood waiting for the elevator, Reese came
up and just stood next to me. He didn't say anything, he just stood
there. The elevator seemed like it was taking forever to come up so I
turned and headed for the stairwell. Before I could get there Reese stepped
in front of me and just stared, not letting me pass.Reese: "What's wrong?"KC: "Nothing, I just needed to get out of the room."Reese: "I'm sorry."KC: "For what?"Reese: "Obviously for whatever I did to make you mad."KC: "You didn't do anything. I just... its just that... its just that some
things happened in my past that makes me want to keep my private life
private!"Reese: "Come back to the room, I promise I'll stop asking questions." Reese hung his head and disappeared back into the room, now I felt
like an ass for making him feel like Preteen Fuck
Preteen Fuck he was bothering me. I walked slowly
back into the room and looked over to Reese's bed, he stripped down to his
boxer-briefs and climbed into bed with out saying a word. I was gonna say
something but decided I better not, just let the both of us settle down and
I'd talk to him in the morning. Besides tomorrow was Sunday, I doubted he
had practice. By now I was exhausted and sleep came easily. I was woken up by an alarm clock buzzing, I Preteen Fuck looked over to see
Reese sitting up and turning off the alarm. He climbed out Preteen Fuck of bed, grabbed
a towel and his shower kit and left. Now I really felt like shit, I knew he
was mad at me and I couldn't blame him. I had acted kinda like an Preteen Fuck ass last
night when all he was doing was just trying to understand me. I figured I
would wait till he came back from showering before I would try to talk to
him. About half an hour later he came back, looking a bit less mad than
when he had left. I got out of bed and apologized.KC: "I'm sorry for the way I acted last night and how I spoke to you."Reese: "It's cool." There was no emotion when he spoke, hell he didn't even bother to
turn around when he said it. I figured the only way to get his attention
was to just tell him what had happened.KC: "It Preteen Fuck
was the summer between my freshman and sophomore year, that's when
it happened. I had struggled all year with these feelings I had, finally I
felt like I had to tell my friends or I would bust. It was me, my best
friend Joey and his twin brother Kyle. We were eating lunch at their house
when I just came out and said it. I told them I was gay. At fist they just
looked at me and didn't say anything, then Joey got up and walked over to
me. He put his hand on my shoulder and then Kyle did the same, next thing I
know they threw me to the ground and started kicking me and Kyle grabbed a
bat from the living room. I just curled up into a ball Preteen Fuck and listened to them
call me faggot, queer and a whole bunch of other things while they beat
me. Eventually I must have passed out because when I woke up I was in the
hospital. I had suffered broken ribs, a fractured skull, one of my lungs
had collapsed and they had to operate on me and remove my spleen because it
had ruptured. My heart stopped beating twice on the way to the hospital, I
had been in a coma for nearly two months when I finally woke up. Luckily,
other than my scar, there wasn't any permanent damage. I later found out
their mom had come home from the store and walked in on them beating me,
she called 911 and threw Joey and Kyle in the pantry and jammed the door
shut until the police came. When the police asked them why they did what
they did, they flat out said because I had told them I was gay. Eventually
when their mom found out why they started beating me, she told my mom that
if she wanted to press charges against them, she wouldn't try to stop
her. They ended up going to juvie and now that they're 18, they've probably
been transferred to regular prison. They won't get out until they're about
30. They were tried as adults because of how badly they beat me." I was in tears when Reese turned around and finally looked at me,
he walked to where I was standing and pulled me into a big hug. When he let
go we sat on my bed.Reese: "So that's why you were afraid to tell me you were gay. You thought
I'd be like they were, that I'd hurt you."KC: "Sorry, but yeah. I don't trust people so easily now, it took a lot
just to tell you that."Reese: "Like I told you last night, it doesn't matter to me. Besides if
anybody here gives you trouble they've got to deal with me."KC: "Who said you were my protector? I can Preteen Fuck handle myself now. Remember
doofus?"Reese: "Well still, anybody gives you shit I'll fuck 'em up. Then you can
have your turn."KC: "What about your buddies on the team? Won't they rag on you for hanging
out with a gay guy?"Reese: "Don't worry about them, let me handle it. Besides if they have a
problem I'll threaten to quit the team, and trust me they need me."KC: "You know... you're completely different than I thought you were gonna
be. When I first met you I thought you were gonna be the typical homophobic
jock, turns out your not so bad." We spent the rest of the day just lounging around the room and he
showed me some more stuff on the Internet. He helped me download some
programs that would help speed up my computer and made me a profile on
MySpace. He was, aside from Tom, my first official friend. He used his
camera to take some pictures of me and showed me hoe to put them on my
profile.Reese: "You know... if you put the one of you with your shirt off as your
default picture, you'll get a shit load of people wanting to be your
friend. Plus you might just find a boyfriend!"KC: "You just want that picture of me showing so that you can check me out
when I'm not around."Reese: "Sure... you keep telling yourself that and one day it might come
true. NOT!"KC: "Come on, admit it. You might be straight but you secretly want me."Reese: "When you decide to stop daydreaming we can go eat dinner."KC: "Come on let's go. I wanna call home after we eat, so lets make it
quick." After dinner I talked to mom for a bit on my cell phone, the only
thing my mom did splurge on. When I was done Reese and I got ready for bed,
we both had our first day of classes tomorrow and we were gonna need plenty
of energy.
****************************************************************************OK, so this is my first attempt at a story outside of the sci-fi and
celebrity genres. How do you like it so far? This is my only story in which
reader feedback dictates the continuation of the story. Meaning if you
don't tell me how you like it, I won't write new chapters for it. Enjoy!
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